It’s All The Same Thing

Any realistic path to climate stability – so central to creating a world of Peace and Plenty – must inevitably wind its way through our planet’s Rainforests. If rampant Rainforest destruction is not checked, all other climate stabilization efforts will ultimately prove insufficient. Rainforest protection is essential because it was the trees of Earth’s forests that originally sequestered the C02 in the atmosphere, which in turn engendered the lovely climate we have enjoyed until most recently. To sit idly by while these forests are bulldozed to make way for cattle ranching, mineral extraction and fossil fuel exploration is to engage in passive ecological suicide!

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Facing The Facts


Myth #1 “Rainforest deforestation is finally slowing down, as more and more areas are coming under strict environmental protections.”

Fact  #1 Amazon acreage continues to be bulldozed, burned, mined and mismanaged  at steadily increasing rates.


Myth #2 “Mineral extraction and timber harvesting is restricted to areas that will not disrupt indigenous inhabitants of the Rainforest.”

Fact  #2 Irresponsible mining, oil extraction and lumber harvesting is destroying both wildlife habitat and the tribal life of previously uncontacted cultures.


Myth #3 “Sad to say, but there is certainly nothing you and I – or the people who live in the forest – can do about this mess.”

Fact  #3 Activists in the industrialized world are forming alliances with Tribal Communities to demand and co-create a sustainable future for the Amazon.

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Action Step Invitation

Because you and I know what is at stake, we have both the responsibility and the privilege to Take Action! Various activist organizations have emerged, offering us the opportunity to follow pathways of participation in The Rainforest Revival Revolution.


The material which follows here, and throughout the Rainforest Revival pages, will serve as an introduction to several organizations which have proven their potency in promoting the essentials of effective activism  Building alliances with Indigenous Communities, Educating citizens of industrialized countries, Taking direct action to shape national and corporate policies.

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